Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to Cancel Fiverr Order and Refund the Buyer

Though it is badly affect our rankings, we prefer to cancel fiverr order from the buyers on some cases . (Note that no matter if it is mutual or not, cancelling an order will reduce your order complete rate according to the new rules) However we can ask the buyer to cancel the order. (We don't need to go to CS for this.) Anyway before cancel a order, think twice about it. Otherwise you may end up with low ranking gig. Cancel a order will reduce your order complete rate and you can check below link to learn how to maximize your order complete rate.

"Check How to Maximize Your Order Complete Rate"

Whenever you cancel the order buyer will receive the amount you charged, but not the amount spent by them. Because they are paying some other charges to the fiverr (like order processing charge) Cancelling the order will not return those charges to them. Anyway fiverr will not charge them when they are used that money to reorder.

How to Cancel Fiverr Order

You can start this process on order page. First of all go to the order page which you are going to cancel. You can find the section on this picture from right side of your window. Click the "Resolve Now" button on it. Then you will direct to a page containing several options. Select the one which matched to your situation and press the "Continue" button. Then you can there are two options on the new page.
Cancel Fiverr Order

  1. Extend the delivery time
  2. Ask the buyer to cancel this order

If you think you can complete the task in few days, you can request for extend to the delivery time to avoid bad effect of order cancellation. Select the second option to cancel the order and press "Continue". You can enter your message to buyer on new window. After that press send to request cancellation.
Buyer will have 2 days to accept or reject the request. If buyer rejected the request, you have to negotiate the situation with the buyer. If buyer accepted, order will marked as Mutually Cancelled. If buyer not responded anyway, order will marked as Cancelled after 2 days.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to Reply a Message from Potential Buyer

Most of the time you will receive a message from potential buyers before the order. As we discussed in previous posts, it is very important to reply as soon as possible to convert this to order. That is not enough to win the order, You should give him competitive price and also a delivery date. If you are able to communicate these in better way you will win the order. See how you communicate this efficiently.
  1. No description about you, your skills and experience.
When someone search for a service, they will see your Gig first. If they feel your gig serve their requirement, they will check your gig. From there they can see your comments, ratings, profile, etc. They send you message if they satisfy with you by this search. That means potential buyers know about you and your your service. You don't need to repeat it on the message.
  1. No Essays
When you are writing a reply describe what relevant to the message you received. You don't need to waste many sentences if something can describe using one word because they are not testing your writing ability (this required only for content writing gigs). Describe if there are any technical issue related the request. As example if you are developing android apps but buyer asks for both IOS and Android or buyer gives low quality image and asking for fine quality output.
  1. Answer questions asked by the potential buyer
Buyers ask various questions using there messages and you may answered them using FAQ section. Anyway don't reply them using "please check FAQ section of the gig" or "Haven't you check the FAQ section of the gig?" like phrases. Politely answer them, describe those answers as much as possible. (Don't care about the message length in this case)
  1. Use the words/phrases on the message in your reply. See below example.
Message from potential buyer
I need to create android app using app inventor and would like to place admob ads on that app. Could you please tell me your price and time quote?

Your reply
Thank you for the message. I can help you develop this app for you. Anyway we can't use admob with app inventor. We can use appybuilder which is based on app inventor but providing support to admob SDK. Could you please give me a description about your app? I will only be able to give you  quote then.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Delivered on Time Rate in Fiverr to Have Higher Gig Rank

Keeping maximum fiverr delivered on time rate is good habit to get higher gig views and clicks. . However we know that it is a huge challenge due to many reasons described later. Further we have to keep in mind that most of the time decider of the delivery time is the seller, not the buyer. If the buyer asks one day delivery and charged extra for the one day delivery (or fast delivery), as the sellers we have to deliver that within the agreed time. There are no excuses for this because buyer paid extra for fast delivery.

Keep Maximum Fiverr Delivered on Time Rate

  1. Competitive delivery time with safe margin for delivery.
Use 3 days delivery for the gigs and offer one day fast delivery. If buyer place an order without contacting, you have 3 days to complete that order. You may need to contact the buyer before start this kind of orders. If it took 2 days, still you have one more day to complete.
  1. If buyer contacted you before place an order, send him an offer.
Using an offer we can set the price and also the delivery time. Since we have received order requirements, we can set an accurate delivery time. Most of the time you can give 2 days delivery time for these buyers as you know the scope.
  1. Ask buyers to contact you before placing any order with fast delivery.
If you are offering fast delivery, state that contact you before place any order required fast delivery. This will helps you to avoid many uncontrollable delayed deliveries. (You can accept or reject the one day delivery according to your workload)
  1. Use forward scheduling when complete the orders.
Start as much as early you can. This will helps you to complete order before the delivery time. whenever you deliver a order early buyer will delighted.

How to Cancel Fiverr Order and Refund the Buyer

Though it is badly affect our rankings, we prefer to cancel fiverr order from the buyers on some cases . (Note that no matter if it is mutu...